Using the video chat

During the event, you are as delegate able to join instant video-calls with other participants within the platform. You may invite any other guest for a one-to-one meeting. The participant list is visible and available throughout the entire event and you may book a meeting at any time during the day. You may use the functionality either for instant meetings within the system or for pre-booked meetings that you book ahead of the event.

The networking platform will be open for meetings from Monday May 31st  – Wednesday June 2nd.As a delegate you may choose to sign up as busy or available for meetings.

How to search for contacts?

  • Search functionality – You are able to search for company, title, name that will help you find the right people to network with. You may use several search methods to narrow your selection
  • Interest – Here you search by category for people with certain interests that they have selected at the login badge
  • Text message – before you send your invitation you may add a personal text message describing your purpose of the meeting

Once an invitation is sent a notification message appears on the screen of the recipient who may choose to accept or deny your invitation.

When the participants has accepted the invitation they will be transferred into a video chatroom, similar to Teams or Zooms, but still fully integrated in the platform with your navigation bar still open. In this room a new tool bar appears controlling the functions of the video meeting:

  • Transmission of camera image and sound
  • Screen share
  • Text based chat
  • View of participants

At the event you also find the Networking lobby – Here you may spontaneously join existing video meetings to discuss or listen to ongoing discussions of your interest.